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What safety tests have you done on the bed?

The federal government requires burn tests as dictated by 16 CFR 1633 and 1632. We use a fire retardant, non-toxic barrier that is in the form of a high quality textile sock that covers all of the foam layers and is concealed under the cover. This sock is made up of proprietary yarn with a silica core and a polyester outer wrap. With this composition, when burned, a char barrier is formed which snuffs out a potential fire.

What makes the angelsleep mattresses different than the rest?

The blending and high quality of our layers of coils and memory foam makes our mattress stand out. Our beds are made up of four types of foam layers where our competitors are using three or less. But the main difference is that our organization's goal is to help support those in our community that are in need. For every mattress purchased from angelsleep, we will donate a mattress.

Where will my donation go?

Your donated mattress will go to families in need, churches, shelters, refugee camps, not for profit youth camps and various other places where a helping hand is needed.

Is my donated mattress tax deductible?

Yes. We will provide you with a tax form.

Is sales tax charged for my state?

Unless you live in Texas, no. The sales tax laws require us to impose a sales tax in the state in which we manufacture.

Can you ship internationally?

Currently, we cannot ship internationally.

How do you return a mattress?

We have a very simple return method. We will contact a local charity to pick you up, no charge to you. We will need a proof of purchase from you, a donation receipt from the charity. Once these items are faxed, mailed or e-mailed to us, we will refund your money.

Do I need to flip my mattress?

No. Our mattresses are designed to sleep with the top layer up. Flipping the mattress will interfere with the specifically designed order of layers.

 How do I know when my mattress is going to be delivered?

You may track where in route your mattress is on our Fed-Ex tracking page at any time.

How does the 11- year warranty work?

This limited liability warranty covers mattresses manufactured by angelsleep inc. and purchased directly from angelsleep. The mattresses are designed to work on a solid base or surface that can accommodate the weight of the mattress plus the weight of the user(s). The warranty does not apply if the mattress is used in a manner that is not consistent with the prior specifications.

This non-transferable limited warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and does not extend to subsequent owners . The original receipt must be presented with the warranty claim.

Angelsleep guarantees the mattress, in the original packaging in which it was shipped, against any defects in material and construction for a period of eleven years. from the original purchase date, when used in a manner in which the mattress was intended and with use of a proper support surface.

Defects covered by the limited warranty:

Deterioration causing the mattress to have a permanent  indentation more than 2 inches that is not caused by improper supportive foundation or adjustable bed base.

The foam layers splitting or cracking with normal use and handling.

The limited warranty does not cover:

A reasonable increase in softness of the foam support.

Comfort  preferences.

Abnormal usage or abuse to the mattress. Cuts, burns,liquid damage,tears, stains,may be an examples of such damage.

Any mattress that is not purchased from angelsleep. The warranty is only extended to the original buyer, therefore, a second-hand mattress will not carry this warranty.

In the event of defect, angelsleep will replace the mattress with one of equal value to the original purchased.

In the event of defect angelsleep will have an assigned charity pick up the mattress an provide the customer with a donation receipt, which is to be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to angelsleep. Upon the receipt of this document, as well as the original purchase receipt, angelsleep will ship replacement mattress, no shipping cost to purchaser.

     Replaced mattresses carry the original limited warranty. The eleven-year warranty will begin from the date of purchase of the original replaced mattress.